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Dear Organizers,

here you can read the conditions of being the band on concert hall. Please take with due attention. In case under any circumstances you can't fulfill some points please contact band Director and discuss in advance contentious issues. Thank you.

Composition of Helium Band:

  1. Lead vocal / Bass-guitar
  2. Electro-guitar / Back vocal
  3. Drums

Equipment and connection:

  Band equipment: Equipment provided concert stage:
Lead vocal:

- Sennheiser e865

Microphone stand, +48v
Back vocal:

- Sennheiser e945

Microphone stand
Solo-guitar: Sennheiser e906 Guitar tube amplifier by “Fender” (Fender SuperSonic 22 preferably)
 Bass-guitar:    Bass amplifier
Drums: Snare-drum, hi-hat, crash, pedal for bass-drum.

Drumkit: bass-drum, hight tom-tom,middle tom-tom, bass tom.

Stands for hi-hat, crash, snare-drum.

Chair for drummer:  

Microphones and stands for them.

Other equipment that necessary for sound output into acoustic portals of concert stage.

Additional equipment on concert stage:  

- minimum 2 monitors (for lead vocalist and drummer)

- minimum 6 sockets – 220V.

- certainly grounding of all communications and equipment.

- if open air stage then rain cap is necessary.

Backstage and general requirements for organizers and stage workers:

- Place the announcement of the band at the poster and official website of the stage.

- Soundcheck duration is no less then 1 hour.

- 4 bottles of water without gas.

- Hot tea and coffee set up

We understand that it can be the circumstances under which organizer can't fulfill any points of this rider. Please inform our Director about it not raised than a week before the concert, otherwise band can't guarantee the quality of performance. 

Rider Helium Jam 2017:


Mahide Lein

Tel: +49-30-691.3384

Cel: +49-175-595.5028

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Helium Jam is indie-rock band with a female character. Totally female composition of the band is a rare phenomenon on the Russian stage. Performing in Mocsow, Berlin, Hamburg, Geteborg, Warshaw , Narva Helium Jam shows that music truly international. If the songs are emotionally honest, they touch the heart of every person, no matter in what language they are. The album "Listen" (2014) and "23 hours" (2015) are available in iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Yandex.Music.



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